The next generation of email.

DropMail is a native email client that supports any IMAP email addresses. Using it is as easy as downloading the app and logging in. Our dev team at DropTech LLC pushed out a beta version on the Chrome Web Store a few months ago, and has since received 1200 total downloads and 8000 daily page views. In preparation for the final version, the beta has been taken off the Chrome Web Store. This is the first email client compatible with Chrome OS, the linux-based operating system Google created for its computers. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, or any operating system capable of running Chrome. DropMail has some key features which differentiate it from competition, like the downloads tab. Every attachment the user receives is sent to the downloads tab for easy access. There is also automatic sorting of emails into Social, Personal, Services, and Newsletters categories. Later on down the line, we plan to create a mobile version and a copy for the Mac App Store and the Windows Store. DropMail is a sleek, fast, and intuitive client, and we at DropTech believe it is the future of email.

Note: The posted video displays an older version of DropMail. A preview of the current version is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGjTiImPF9c

This project was NOT created for HackGenY, and is posted here solely to give more information to the Thiel Foundation.

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