Texticate gifts knowledge to people in 3rd-world countries by providing news items via SMS without a data connection.

People in third-world countries, such as several countries in Africa and Asia, often have access to no technology except for a basic flip phone. They are unaware of what is going on in the world outside of their communities, and this lack of knowledge really limits their advancement and stops them from growing at a high rate. We wanted to solve this problem. Texticate aims to provide the right to knowledge to everyone by allowing access to articles over SMS, without needing any kind of data connection or smartphone.

Some of the features we're most proud of is the fact that we have a public directory for feed sources. On our website, anyone can add a source by just typing in a code and the link to the XML. This feature truly takes our product to a point where the possibilities are infinite, as small bloggers as well as enormous companies can all choose to share the gift of knowledge and advancement to people in third-world countries. We are also working on a voice function so that articles can even be accessed from payphones and landlines.

Our backend is primarily written in PHP and is powered by Twilio's API, which connects our PHP app to SMS and Voice services.

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