Small World

Coincidences bring people together

Have you ever been walking down the street and notice someone that you swear you’d seen before? Have you ever wanted to reconnect with someone you met somewhere else previously? Do you like making friends?

Small World, an app designed for Android, is a location app that records users that are in your vicinity. If you ever meet that user again, the app will notify you. Settings like how long they have to be near you to be notified or how far away they can be and still be recorded in your logs are editable in the app. You can choose to chat with them, see previous meetings, and view lists of people in different sorts. In addition, you can create friends lists so that friends are not constantly added to your list.

We were inspired to create this app when we were on vacation in a different state. We met a lot of new people and were wondering how we could know if we met them again in the future, especially considering that we would definitely forget them.

Our target users are people of all age ranges. I expect that people who travel often will probably use the app more, but anyone can make use of this app to its full potential.

Notable Features: Latitude/Longitude implementation that constantly updates on the app, even in the background Navigation Drawer custom menu User List with custom icons (Shows all users ever registered) Online database of users with working Sign Up and Log In system

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