A revolutionary way for students and teachers to collaborate

At first, we were flooded with ideas and didn't know what to pursue. To narrow down our option choices, we decided to list the pros and cons of doing each. The education factor in this product allowed it to truly outweigh the rest. Our idea is centralized around the fact that it is difficult for students and teachers to communicate effectively. Many students struggle to grasp concepts at a fast pace. In some of these cases, a simple right or wrong answer does not help these students learn efficiently. Ultimately, it is the step by step thinking process that trumps the rest. Therefore, we decided to come up with a way for teachers and students to observe their peers' work method and comment on it, to boost the learning in a classroom environment. Our target users were students, since we ourselves have been through this experience of trying to understand each others' work, but we never really had a way to fully take advantage of each others' unique strengths. The feature we are most proud of is the realtime collaboration on a students' work method of a problem. Not only can we annotate in real-time, we can use the online canvas we created to point out how a student correctly or incorrectly completed a task. This is not a regular keyboard; it can be optimized with a stylus if the user is using a touch screen device, to easily convey what the editor of the assignment would like to point out.

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