never be later again.

OnTime is a mobile application that reminds you on the reminders set based on your location. It uses your location and associates it with the reminders that have been set, and reminds you based on where you are in relation the location that you have set your reminder for. For example, if you have a party today at 7:00PM at a close by place. What the application will do is based on where you are and how long it will take to get to your destination, it will remind five minutes before the estimated time to reach your destination. You are 15 minutes away from the location and it is 6:30PM. The application will remind you at 6:40PM and will have the directions ready for you

Another feature of this application is reminding you things at your location. You can put reminders such as, “Remind me to pick up carrots, and onions at the grocery store.” Once you reach your grocery store, the phone, using your location will locate and recognize that you are currently in a grocery store, and remind you to pick up what you need.

This type of reminding service is more efficient and simpler than most conventional reminding systems that only remind you based on time rather than location, because our lives are constantly changing, and you can’t really put a time limit on something. The world is constantly changing. This OnTime application is a nimble software that has the capability to change with you and remind you when you truly need it, which all other reminder systems don’t do.

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