Our Google Glass application will utilize user location to revolutionize one's experience in museums.

Our team went to the California Academy of Sciences as part of a field trip over winter break. We were awestruck by the aggressive hordes of visitors, especially at the Penguin exhibit. The museum had an application for the iPhone containing fun facts, but it was such a hassle to bring it out every couple of seconds. This inspired us to subconsciously consider a way to avoid this dilemma. Fast forward to the days before HackGenY. When we were discussing what to hack and expressing a desire to use Google Glass, we decided to create an application to manage the problem. Our app provides a virtual supplement to the museum viewing experience. Users will be notified of nearby exhibits, and they can scroll through various images, descriptions, and videos of each of the exhibits. This application provides an easy way to gain information without having to fight through crowds or unlocking your phone every second. The target user is the museum visitor who uses Google Glass. We are most proud of the ability to get the location of the user constantly by utilizing a live card and the ability to differentiate sets of locations based on multi-dimensional distance sorting algorithms. In the future, we hope to implement an interface of glowing arrows of varying intensity representing nearby exhibits. We also hope to use CouchBase API to allow various visitors to leave reviews on specific exhibits. Ideally, all major museums will provide us with a database of their exhibits and corresponding locations.

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