Application for automatically writing more polite emails, blog posts, and more.

We know how difficult it is to write a good email. Am I coming across in the right way? What kind of message am I sending? And is it a positive one?

Our application seeks to address those concerns. We integrate the Text-Processing API and AlterVista Thesaurus API to recursively analyze, word-by-word, the text that you want to Fancify. Our JS-based processor then selects the synonyms most likely to maximize the "positive" and minimize the "negative" rankings given by Text-Processing API's Sentiment Analysis feature. The end result is a more positive-sounding and polite text.

This was actually the fourth idea we've pursued at HackGenY. Our first idea was scrapped since we couldn't get our hands on the API we wanted – it had been out of development for several months, so we tried contacting the owners via email. We noticed how much effort we put into making the email sound as polite as we could, so we figured: why not create something that does this automatically? Thus, an idea was born. We hope you'll be able to use Fancify to improve your emails, blog posts, and other texts and save valuable time in the process.

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