we are the yelp of the internet, but better.

Inspiration: We were inspired to pursue this project when one of our team members found a horrible resource, w3schools to be at the top of every Google search for programming tutorials. He noticed that web searching was never catered to our personalized needs, thus we have established a platform to network users with similar browsing habits, machine learning, and on site reviews to provide the most accurate and catered web searching. Additionally, we will allow users to make comments, highlight important texts, place tags, and summarize long passages to maximize efficiency in the aspect of web research.

Target user: We first hope to establish a small base of active users (use web searching at minimum 6 hours a day) with diverse backgrounds from technology browsing to newspaper writers to kick-start our large scale campaign. Then we can grow and expand to users, reaching out to users that need the following three things: efficiency in web browsing (used in fast research to test validity and zoom through important texts), effectively finding accurate and personalized websites, and hope to find those with similar browsing interests.

Key features: We boast convenience, effective web browsing through personalized catering, and connect those with similar web browsing interests. Reweb uses both the web and android platform; the android is catered for quick, and simple searches and the web application is used for comprehensive, yet user-friendly and powerful web browsing facilitation.

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