Let the connections begin.

How many of you have gone to an event, met somebody, then returned home to realize that you forgot their name or forgot to exchange contact info with them? All of the currently available attempts at solving this problem involve numerous steps on the user side or expect the user to remember to do something during the event. If people forget to take down contact info, how can one expect them to remember to use a service?

Flashback changes these flawed approaches to this highly common issue.

With the help of modern computing, machine learning, and passive data collection, our service only has 1 step: download the app and setup a user profile.

Following your setup, next time that you run into your "missed connection" issue, the app will will intelligently source and correlate various streams of data to make meaningful conclusions and provide a stack of people who you were most likely to have met at the event.

Additionally, users can meet logically curated people in their area, who are likely to share interests and mutual friends. Flashback hopes to connect people from all cultures and backgrounds together through methods never before possible.

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