Deck is an intelligent to-do list that weaves work and play together to maximize productivity and avoid burnout

Together, Tiger & Randall have tried every to-do list app out there and found that none of them really meet our needs. Most apps place the burden of task organization and scheduling to you, the user. Deck makes this process painless — you just tell it what you have to get done, and it will create a schedule for you (balancing focused work blocks and internet videos/stretch breaks).

This is a product that both of us are excited to use and dogfood; we are our own target users! Everyone could use a tool like Deck to keep them on task—Deck's barrier to entry is low and the reward it offers is high. It's a Pocket-esque experience: you can fire up Deck whenever you have a block of free time and want to get stuff done.

On a technical basis, we are most proud of the deep YouTube API integration we have achieved (automated embedding, subscription importing), the straightforward design we accomplished (inspired by Google's Material Design), and the intelligent task-scheduling algorithm we both came up with.

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